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14 - June 29 NBA Summer Conference

Summer Conference Agenda Close to Final – Drought Presentation Added

 June 27 -29, 2021

The NBA Summer Conference planning committee met on Thursday to continue to finalize the agenda for the NBA’s 2021 Summer Conference, hosted by the Rocky Mountain Bison Association. We hope to have a final agenda available by the end of next week.

 The group added a drought presentation to the agenda as precipitation conditions in much of buffalo-country worsen. The NBA has invited the South Dakota state climatologist to present on an update on the drought and tips on mitigating its impacts who has tentatively agreed to participate, depending on travel restrictions.

 Day one of the conference will feature a day of ranch tours, including a live-demonstration of bison being worked through the facilities of Cold Creek Buffalo at the Terry Ranch outside of Cheyenne, WY. We’ll also pay a visit to a grassroots start-up bison operation just over the border in Colorado at Memphis Ranch. We’ll then spend the afternoon at the famed Terry Ranch - https://terrybisonranch.com/ - which will include lunch, the aforementioned drought presentation, and the general membership meetings for the two hosting associations.

 The 2nd day of the conference will feature a slew of top-notch speakers addressing an array of topics pertinent to bison management for both the new-comer and the seasoned expert. These presentations will include a fencing presentation which will feature a panel discussion of bison producers who will explain how they fence in very rural areas, more populated areas, and for rotational grazing. We’ll also include a presentation on bison emergencies, and how to respond in the absence of a veterinarian, as well as an overview of the emerging carbon-sequestration market and how bison fit in. In short, loads of great bison education wrapped up in just a couple of days at a very family-friendly bison event. Please plan to join us!

 Registration is open now, please take a moment to register for what’s looking to be an excellent NBA conference, and a great reunion for the bison community. Get all the details and register online at https://bisoncentral.com/nba-summer-conference/.

14 - July 22 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days
Huntsinger Farms
Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

July 20 - 22, 2021
14 - August 15 Wisconsin State Fair
August 5-15, 2021
14 - October 17 Wisconsin Bison Producers Association Fall Conference
WBPA Fall Conference
October 15-17, 2021
Hudson, Wisconsin

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