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wisconsin bison producers association
wisconsin bison
31 - February 24 WBPA Winter Conference & Annual Meeting
Farming... A Lifestyle... Make it Happen... Raise Bison...
Wisconsin Bison Producers Association (WBPA)
Annual Meeting February 24, 2018
Doc's Harley-Davidson, Bonduel, Wisconsin.
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The demand for bison meat continues to outpace production. As a result, bison ranching has never been more desirable and profitable. Join long time bison producers at the WBPA annual meeting to learn more about bison farming. Learn about the business side of bison ranching.

Lee Graese, Northstar Bison - "Bison - Expensive Hobby or Viable Business Venture"

Tim Halbach, Twohig Rietbrock Schneider and Halbach SC - "Transferring the Farm from One Generation to the Next"

Mike Jacobson, North American Bison Cooperative - "How the North American Bison Cooperative Can Help WBPA Members"

If you've raised livestock for generations or have never raised any critter bigger than a Golden Retriever, join us for an informative and fun meeting. The bison lunch alone is worth the $20 registration fee. Registration deadline: Try to contact us before February 10, 2018.  

Send payment to: Al Weyker
5450 Sunny Ridge Road
Belgium, WI 53004
Checks payable to: Wisconsin Bison Producers Association

For information, email info@wibison.com or call 920-948-0993.
31 - February 15 WBPA Accepting Bids for Trim
The WBPA will again participate in the WPS Farm Show in Oshkosh. The show runs from March 27 - 29. We serve burgers and burritos at the show and it is the primary fund raiser for our organization. Any member who wishes to submit a bid for bison trim is encouraged to do so. We need 650 pounds of trim delivered to Beck's Meat Processing in Oshkosh no later than March 1, 2018. Bids can be emailed or US Mailed to:

Rebecca Ries
W2749 Golf Course Road
Mount Calvary, WI  53057
email address: bluestembison@fastbytes.com

Please indicate how many pounds of trim you can provide and the cost per pound. Bids are due February 15, 2018.

Wisconsin Bison Producers Association  •  info@wibison.com

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